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Here is a level-headed man, forged by remarkable and shocking life incidents, who is quietly determined and who knows where home and the heart lie. Among the many virtues of Born a Crime is a frank and telling portrait of life in South Africa during the 1980s and ’90s.

Born a Crime offers Americans a second introduction to Trevor Noah, and he makes a real impression.”—Newsday “An affecting memoir, Born a Crime [is] a love letter to his mother.”—The Washington Post“Witty and revealing . Noah is quick with a disarming joke, and he skillfully integrates the parallel narratives via interstitial asides between chapters.

Their stories and the support provided by a rape survivor center, serving the communities of the Cape Flats, became the focus of the first report I did for FRONTLINE/World about the survivors of rape.

I've returned to South Africa several times since then, and on each occasion wanted to learn more about what was driving this epidemic (pdf) of sexual violence -- the country has the highest incidence (pdf) of reported rape in the world and very low conviction rates (pdf).

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