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Only, one is about twice, or even three times the other person's age!Considering their differences in life experiences and worldviews, how do they relate? Assuming this is actually a platonic friendship and not something far more sinister, or for that matter an overtly stated mentoring situation, intergenerational friendships can be pretty weird.

In older works, Jewish secret domination of the world through the banks is the norm.

Either way, the situation that leads to their friendship would often be something out of the ordinary, since in real life, people of two widely different age groups generally do not reach out to each other.

If it's an adult and a child who are friends, in modern stories, expect someone to misinterpret it as being sexual, and violence to possibly result.

Sometimes, the two happen to have more in common than they think, such as having surprisingly similar life experiences.

Sometimes the younger generation is more mature, or the older generation is less mature - the latter especially helps writers to dodge away from worrying questions being asked about sexual attraction.

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