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PC dating-sim games are often referred to "" or "H" games by U. The company has a catalog of over 50 English-translated games with every theme from maids to "cat girls" and more.

Despite its heroine's personal issues, My Boyfriend in Orange is an interesting romance where the love interest has a good reason to keep saving the day: it's all part of being a fireman! Inuyashiki Last Hero managed to adapt its entire source manga in just 11 episodes, but its twists and turns resulted in some divisive takes. The Sword Art Online give-away i...― Piotr asked: I am a big fan of space opera.The game involves you going to a junior college for your last year in school.During that year, you interact with various classmates and friends.And, the characters are translated in such a way as they come to life.That is, the tom-boyish character's dialog was translated to be a lot more brusk and ''in-your-face'', while you're old school-girl friends are much more polite and kind. They aren't as sharp and crisp as some of the newer bishoujo games that have been ported over.

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