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She makes preparations for her return to the Hamptons – trading identities with her former cellmate in juvenile detention, as well as taking notes on Daniel Grayson.After arriving in the Hamptons, Emily buys her father's former house next door to the Graysons and becomes romantically involved with Daniel in order to get closer to his family.She accepts his marriage proposal, but their relationship falters as Daniel grows more like his relatives.They break off the engagement after she kisses Jack.He tells her that her father was framed and presents her with her father's share of Nol Corp, 49% of the closely held stock, a result of her father's funding the company's start-up.After realizing that Nolan is telling the truth, she decides to clear her father's name.Nolan is also very generous towards the Porter family, helping them financially and otherwise.

Nolan Ross is a computer genius and Emily's wealthy ally with a cocky attitude and poor social skills.In season 3, however, it is revealed that Nolan installed a failsafe in the program that led to his arrest, enabling the FBI to (off-screen) shut down the Initiative.In the series final episode, "Two Graves", after helping Amanda/Emily get her revenge, Nolan is approached by another person looking for revenge.Amanda returns to the Hamptons under a new identity, Emily Thorne, a wealthy socialite dedicated to charity work, to exact revenge on the people responsible for her father's death and wrongful conviction for terrorism.As a youth, she spent time in a juvenile detention center, unaware of her father's innocence until her release when Nolan Ross approaches her.

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