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But state budget cuts are not the only source of financial problems for the schtx^Ks libraries. According to Miller, subscription costs of journals went up 25 percent this year and are expected to increase by the same rate next year.We never had inflation like that before— never," Miller said, adding that the library was unable to - department chair Larry Abele said a Turn to LIBRARIES, page 6 New world order man Chuck Wade says he's half- blind, but his eyes are filled with patriotism.222-1227 10% OFF on all parts and labor (with this ad) We honor MC Visa & BP Cards Same Lov^ Prices! MARCH 3rd CAIJNIVAL DAY 15 PM LANDIS GREEN COME ONE, COMfc ALL BENEFITING BIG BROTHERS & BIG SISTERS NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR FALL. But through it all, John^n earned the respect of those involved, and he never, ever, compromised the Flambeau's principal mission: to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable That talent earned him the iiicknanie 'Papa" around here, and while he may not be crazy about the name (he a little sensitive about the gi-av hair these days), we can't think of anyone more de.sei-ving of tlie title. Most Americans know about Arabic people and the area of the earth which they dominate.

Miller said, some journal subscriptions will have to be canceled. Graduate students are very dependent on journals as a source of what's going on . il ready been notified to plan for another o percent reduction.Stern will now go through the approval process a^ain ■'I m glad they see fit to reconsider me.Stern said Thursday "i am prepared to work with the other members of student government as much as possible, as much as practical." Stern's application was shot down by a 29 12 vote three weeks ago after a heated debate m the .-enate chamber^ Many senators pointed to CPE's attempted use of two controversial pictures in its spring catalog of classes as grounds for rejecting Stern's nomination. " One senator who had voted against Stern at the first vote said afterward that he regretted his decisum He called the atmosphere surrounding the original vote "ii uitchhunt." The senate was given the authority te appro Nf Uu' di!Free delivery to HKHf QUALITY LONG STEM Offer food thru 5-8-9! I I Ca D stc^ by our shop TODAY j Small Minimum required | Offer good thru 5-8-91 with coupon j Wire Service Transmittal Fee Re^. 'n t been easy, and more than once he's found himself caught between irate government officials, irate citizens, irate adverti^rs, irate ad reps and irate editors. Production Manager Qenerat Manager Kathy Mc C^ald Bus. Some British ^litician mis- labeled the Gulf and every Western geographer has perpetuated the goofy error for the past few centuries..00 NOW .50 WORLD WIDE DELIVERY Ofiei good thru 3-6-91 with coupon I I Sefi Mnote BP Campus BP *" Spring Special"', 1 TYPESET BASC STYLE RESWK .00 Same Day Se RVi CE • Non-Bask; Style next day servce • Ar Di'i ONAL COPIES ON S-A'C'^: • The Media Shop Oi Campus - N1 1 7 New Uhjon j 644-6788 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Lake Bradford & Gaines ^near «tjd»um neat to CMnpuv* 575^169 l-Q? Tennessee Downtown BP 222-8342 Cwner ol Mi MKoe & Tenn. Being a mediator— and often a referee— hasn't been easy. Every time our President and other national leaders mumble about the Persian Gulf, they of Tend the cultural sensibilities of the Arabic people whom we are, supposedly, eager to convince of our sensitivity to their heritage.

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