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Game characters and 3D animation are simply digital analogues of these fundamental techniques.This first year course teaches the practical operation of a 3D graphics program used throughout the degree.This unit introduces students to the conception and development of screen stories, with an emphasis on short form animation.As the written story takes shape, students will also learn to design and construct visual narrative structures in the form of sequential still images for a comic and storyboard.

Imaginative interpretation, visual conceptualising of story and story elements, and the representation of narrative moments, form the primary thrust of the unit.The unit strengthens students’ writing and drawing skills, which are both fundamental to the professional practice toolkit, while introducing key principles of continuity, visual story elements, expressive composition and layout, and cinematic values.The ongoing staged project will also focus students on project planning and developing material to deadlines.Take advantage of JMC’s impressive animation, motion-capture, virtual-reality, recording and green-screen studios to bring your project to life, and master tech skills like rigging and compositing.This unit seeks to provide some of the fundamental skills needed to help visualise ideas and to translate them into representations in 2D and 3D.

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Students are introduced to conventions and common principles that have developed in animation’s rich hundred year history.

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