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A text takes less time than a phone call and if you’re hard at work then this is the better option and a takeaway purely for the reason that after a long day you don’t want to cook and the chinese down the road does amazing duck wraps, so why waste energy on cooking, that and no one likes washing up. There is of course the argument that it’s all down the the couple, different horses for courses and all that, and there will of course will be couples out there who take a more traditional route but for the general masses things have changed.We’ve evolved so much and in such a short space of time, that relationship milestones have had to change too.There are a few key things we definitely won't be seeing unless Meghan has a ring on her finger, including a balcony appearance at Trooping the Colour, staying with the royal family for Christmas at Sandringham, and going to a commemorative church service with Harry and the rest of the royals. After posing the question about dating milestones to my friends I discovered that most of them considered changing their relationship status on Facebook a bigger milestone than their first kiss. For instance, getting excited when and I’m using real examples here, a guy you’ve been dating for several months calls you instead of sending a text does not a romance make.There is another train of thought to all this, we just don’t have time.

Meeting the queen will be next in protocol, and Harry will be very keen for Meghan to meet his grandmother sooner rather than later.

Meghan has her own philanthropic work to spend time on, but we could definitely see her by Harry's side at something low-key over the next few months.. Once Harry and Meghan's relationship has passed the one-year mark in the late Spring, we may well be hearing news of a royal wedding.

If Harry was to propose, it's likely their engagement would be announced in a similar way to that of Kate and William, with a press call at Kensington Palace, and they would also be likely to release engagement portraits.

During their eight-month relationship, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have already welcomed in the New Year together, met each other's friends and family, been on vacation, and even picked out a Christmas tree together - so what other key moments can we expect to see this year?

Meghan meets the queen It was reported that Meghan met Prince William and Prince Charles last year, and has recently spent time with Kate and Princess Charlotte, so what's still to come?

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