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People want to use simple dating apps but they also want to match with people they have something other than proximity in common with.We sit at a really interesting overlap between the cool and simple apps out there like Tinder and Happn, and sites which ask you loads of questions to match you with people who share common interests.Because there’s a definite kind of person who loves Bristlr.

basically everything we love, and we’ll have some exciting news in the next few months around some partners who want to work with us to make their own niche sites.

I was trying to think up a really silly start-up idea, and then I came up with Bristlr’s tagline – “Connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke them”.

From there I made a fake landing page, and to my surprise people started signing up! We get emails from people all over the world who’ve met their soulmates – their words, not mine – through Bristlr. Bristlr was designed to give you a fun means of introduction.

The bad news: You’ll probably have to travel to meet your dream sailor. Tall Friends claims to bring together “tall-dating minded singles” looking to see eye to eye — literally.

Results for a woman seeking a sea captain near New York City bring up white-bearded men as far away as Oregon and Florida.

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