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The more stories she told me, the more I began to wonder why she never talked about Tim, whom she lost her virginity to.

I started dating my wife right before my 20th birthday.

There are so many out there in this world that have demons that they think suicide is the only way out …"The couple started dating in 2011 and got married in 2012, only to break up in November 2014 and finalize a divorce in March 2016.

Rosie and Michelle adopted their daughter, Dakota, who is now 4 years old, a few months after they wed.

The third story was my wife and he boyfriend skipping an assembly, making out in the janitors closet and giving him a hand job until he came on her. I became determined to find out all my wife's sexual encounters.

My wife smiled as she pulled my cock out and stroked it. "Yes, I do," I said out of breathe and holding it all in. Each time we played this game, the stories became hotter than the next.

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"I think it's because there is so much mystery in our relationship.

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