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The most recent one occurred in December 2010 after an earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale struck off at the epicentre of the Dead Sea.

Before travelling to Wadi Rum or Jordan, read up on the current situation of the country.

Visitors are advised to wear covered clothing, to not only protect themselves from rain and the hot sun, but also to cover their body from these sandstorms.

Head covers like those worn by the Bedouin tribes are a good option.

As well as for protection from the elements, visitors are advised to respect the local culture and dress modestly at all times.Summertime temperatures range from 45°C to 48°C, whereas nighttime temperatures can go down to 15°C.During winter months, though there is no snow or ice, temperatures during the day can be at 20°C and night time temperatures can get down to 5°C.These vast differences between day and nighttime temperatures happen throughout the year.Sandstorms Because the weather is dry and the area is sandy, sandstorms are frequent.

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From there, it's a two to three hour drive to explore Wadi Rum's best known sites; one of which is the Khazali Canyon, where visitors can see petro glyphs dating back to the Thamudic times.

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