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Hot Springs is traditionally best known for the natural spring water that gives it its name, flowing out of the ground at a temperature of 147 °F (64 °C) .Hot Springs National Park is the oldest federal reserve in the USA, and the tourist trade brought by the famous springs make it a very successful spa town.Since Hot Springs National Park was the oldest federal reserve, it was the first to receive its own US quarter in April 2010 as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters.

The sedimentary fill of the sinkhole contains the remains of Pleistocene fauna and flora preserved by entrapment and burial within a sinkhole.Because of the steep sides of very slippery Spearfish Shale, mammoths were occasionally trapped as they were unable to find a foothold and climb out of the sinkhole during periods of low water.Trapped in the sinkhole, the mammoths ultimately died of starvation, exhaustion, or drowned in the pond.Use our attraction finder to explore all of the fun places to see and things to do in the Hot Springs area.With our golfing, theatre, fine art, and other attractions, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the more popular vacation destinations in the United States.

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