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The five parts were initially separate works, but it was the elder Tolkien's express wish that they be published together. The inside title page contains an inscription written in Tengwar.In the common script, it reads "The tales of the First Age when Morgoth dwelt in Middle-earth and the Elves made war upon him for the recovery of the Silmarils to which are appended the downfall of Númenor and the history of the Rings of Power and the Third Age in which these tales come to their end." ), also called Ilúvatar ("Father of All"), first created the Ainur, a group of eternal spirits or demiurges, called "the offspring of his thought".Many Ainur descended, taking physical form and becoming bound to that world.The greater Ainur became known as the Valar, while the lesser Ainur were called the Maiar.

The vision disappeared after a while, and Ilúvatar offered the Ainur a chance to enter into Arda and govern over the new world.

Some Ainur joined him, while others continued to follow Ilúvatar, causing discord in the music.

This happened thrice, with Eru Ilúvatar successfully overpowering his rebellious subordinate with a new theme each time.

Ancient West, Andor, Andúnië, Andustar, Annatar, Annúminas, Ar-Abattârik, Ar-Adûnakhôr, Ar-Belzagar, Ar-Inziladûn, Ar-Pharazôn, Ar-Sakalthôr, Ar-Zimraphel, Ar-Zimrathôn, Arandor, Aranel, Arda, Ardamir, Armenelos, Astar, Atalantë, Atanalcar, Atanamir, Atarinya, Axantur, Axe of Tuor, Ban of the Valar, Barad-dûr, Base Master of Treachery, Battle of the Gwathló, Bay of Andúnië, Bay of Eldanna, Belegaer, Beleth (Bereth), Bent World, Bëorians, Beregar, Black Númenóreans, Black Stone, Black Years, Book of Kings, Bough of Return, Bow of Bregor, Bregolas, Caliondo, Calmacil, Calmindon, Captain of the King’s Ships, Castle of the Sea, Caves of the Forgotten, Chronology of the Westlands, Ciryatur, City of the Kings, City of the Men of Gondor, Common Speech, Council of Gondor, Council of the Sceptre, Counsellor of the North-kingdom, Crown of Elendil, Dark Lands, Dark Years, Daughter of Uinen, Daur, Doom of Men, Downfall of Melkor, Downfall of Númenor, Dramborleg, Drû-folk, Drúedain, Drúedain of Beleriand, Drúedain of Númenor, Drûg-folk, Dúnedain of Gondor, Eärendur, Eärendur, Eärenya, Eastlands of Númenor, Edain, Elatan, Eldalondë, Eldar of Eressëa, Eldarion, Elendil, Elendili, Elenna, Elenna·nórë, Elestirnë, Elrond, Elven-tree, Elvish, Elvish World, Emerië, Emerwen Aranel, Entulessë, Erendis, Erukyermë, Erulaitalë, Exiles of Númenor, Far-wanderer, Father of the Isle, Fathers of the Númenóreans, Flower of the West, Forostar, Fragrant Trees, Galadriel, Gift of Men, Gimilkhâd, Giver of Freedom, Golden Tree, Gondorians, Great Armament, Great Captain, Great Isle, Great Lands, Great Middle Haven, Great People of the West, Great Sea of the West, Great Shadow, Green Bough of Return, Guild of Venturers, Guild of Weaponsmiths, Guildhouse of the Venturers, Gulls, Hallacar, Hallow of Eru, Hallowed Mountain, Haranyë, Haven of Umbar, Haven-finder, Henderch, Herucalmo, Herumor, Herunúmen, Hevensday, High Eldarin, High King, High Men, High Warden of the White Tower, Hirilondë, Holy Mountain, House of Elros, House of the Lords of Andúnië, Hyarastorni, Hyarnustar, Hyarrostar, Îbal, Indis i·Kiryamo, Inlands, Inziladûn, Írildë, Írimon, Isilmë, Isilmo, Isle of Meneltarma, King of Arthedain, King of Númenor, King of Númenórë, King of the Elves, King of the Númenóreans, Kingdoms of the Dúnedain, King’s Archers, King’s Court, King’s Men, King’s Party, King’s Reckoning, King’s Sword, King’s Writer, Kingsfoil, Kingsland, Kirinki, Knights, Lady of the Star-brow, Lady of the Westlands, Lairelossë, Land of Gift, Land of the Star, Laurinquë, Light-tower, Lindissë, Lindórië, Line of Elros, Line of Kings, Lissuin, Loëndë, Lond Daer, Lond Daer Enedh, Lord of All, Lord of Andúnië, Lord of Barad-dûr, Lord of the Dark, Lord of the Earth, Lord of the Nazgûl, Lord of the Ships and Havens of Númenor, Maiar, Mairen, Malantur, Malinorni, Mámandil, Man-high, Manwendil, Mar-nu-Falmar, Men of Númenor, Men of Old, Men of the Ancient Houses, Men of the Sea, Meneldil, Meneldur, Meneltarma, Meresdei, Mersday, Middle Peoples, Minastir, Míriel, Mithril, Mittalmar, Mordor, Moria-silver, Nernehta, Nessamelda, Nessanië, Nether Darkness, Nimloth, Nindamos, Ninquelótë, Nísimaldar, Nísinen, Noirinan, Nolondil, Noman, North Cape, Northern Sceptre, Northlands of Númenor, Númellótë, Númendil, Númenórë, Númenórean, Númenórean Sindarin, Númerrámar, Núneth, Oiolairë, Ondosto, Oraearon, Orchaldor, Orithil, Oromendil, Oromet, Orrostar, Palarran, People of Bëor, People of Hador, Peredhil, Peregrin ‘ Pippin’ Took I, Pharazôn, Pillar of Heaven, Pre-Númenórean, Prince of Belfalas, Prince of Dol Amroth, Princess Shepherdess, ‘ Return’, Revised Calendar, River Nunduinë, River Siril, Rómenna, Roquen, Ruler of Númenor, Ruling Queen of Númenor, Sauron, Sceptre of Annúminas, Sceptre of Númenor, Scroll of Kings, Sea-kings, Second Age, Seeing-stones, Seeing-stones of Númenor, Seven Seeing Stones, Seven Stones, Sheep, Silmariën, Silmarillion, Sorontil, Soronto, Southeastlands, Southwestlands, Spies of the Valar, Standing Silence, Star of Eärendil, Star of Elendil, Star of the North, Star of the North Kingdom, Starwards, Stone of Erech, Stones of Seeing, Súrion, Tale of the Downfall of Númenor, Taniquelassë, Tar-Anárion, Tar-Ancalimë, Tar-Ancalimon, Tar-Anducal, Tar-Calion, Tar-Calmacil, Tar-Ciryatan, Tar-Herunúmen, Tar-Hostamir, Tar-Minastir, Tar-Míriel, Tar-Súrion, Tar-Telemnar, Tar-Telperiën, Tar-Vanimeldë, Tarinya, Tarkil, Tarmasundar, Thanksgiving to Eru, The Abyss, The Downfallen, The Fair, The Gift, The Golden, The Great, The Mariner, ‘ The Mariner’s Wife’, The Moon, The Númenórean, The Ring, The Scrolls, The Tall, The Unwilling, The West, The Wooden Whale, Three Houses of Men, Three Houses of the Elf-friends, Three Prayers, Tol Uinen, Tower of Avallónë, Tree of Tirion, Tree of Túna, Trewesdei, Turuphanto, Two Kindreds, Uinendili, Uinéniel, Undying Lands, Úner, Uttermost West, Valandil of Númenor, Valinor, Valley of the Tombs, Vardamir Nólimon, Vardarianna, Vëantur, Venturers, Wand of the Stewards, War of the Elves and Sauron, War of the Last Alliance, West-that-was, West-wings, Western Sea, Westernesse, Westlands of Númenor, White House of Erendis, White Lady, White Lady of Emerië, White Tree, White Tree of Isildur, White Tree of Minas Tirith, White Tree of Númenor, Witnesses of Manwë, Yavannamírë, Yávien, Years of the Sun, Zamîn For acknowledgements and references, see the Disclaimer & Bibliography page.

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Tolkien's other works, forms an extensive, though incomplete, narrative that describes the universe of Eä in which are found the lands of Valinor, Beleriand, Númenor, and Middle-earth within which The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings take place.

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