Population demographics and internet dating

*crossed eyes*I'm interested in the age group breakdowns. Most of the members in my local area that go to the events are between 35 and 55. This is the first forum I've found devoted to dating.

Plentyoffish now beats them in everything but revenue. is useless.

Fortunately, I found some data from Com Score, dating back to June 2008.

I also had data about Mechanical Turk from two separate surveys that I ran on October 2008 and on December 2008 (both asking 1000 Turkers).

As data is completely self-reported, and reporting individuals may have varying definitions of "Ethnic origin" (or may not know their ethnic origin), these figures should not be considered an exact record of the relative prevalence of different ethno-cultural ancestries but rather how Canadians self-identify.

Statistics Canada projects that, by 2031, about 28% of the population will be foreign-born.

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