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There really are some nice men who are worth spending time with and who desire for an affair outside of their marriage.Only problem is they are very few of them and most men I 've chatted with were rude and treated me like a piece of meat. I finally met one nice guy after messaging around many guys who wanted me to meet them in a parking garage and were sending me pictures of their..knwo what I mean.There will be a short period of downtime during the update, we apologise for any inconvenience caused during this downtime. Read more We are happy to announce that we have now reached the point where the Daily Challenges can be finally released to all our players.After some time we spent on finetuning and verifying the impact of the feature on the game, we are now confident that it will ...But i's not easy to find them and they are very few. I finally met one after messaging around 100 women. No pooms, they even bill you for canelling and deleting your account. I bought 2 weeks membership, I wanted to delete me account on the second day, they wouldn't allow me until the fourth.Then the told me I will be billed again for cancelling my membership after the required cancellation period. Screenshot for proof: This site is a scam, all those positive reviews were paid people or saphrina employees. We are sorry you did not enjoy your experience on Saphrina but right now it looks like you have only been billed once so we don't understand your problem but we have been forwarding your case to our customer support team.

I've never had any luck using those kind of hookup sites but one day a friend of mine recommended Saphrina. Oh, btw, I am not married and have no gf, just enjoy hooking up with women and obviously those married chicks need it!

I won't really say "yes" to Saphrina because 90% of the men I've chated with were not worth it.

But the guy I met is fantastic and honestly, I am having more sex in the last 3 months than I had in 10 years of marriage. Women obviously get bombarded by men and that means they get easily annoyed.

I am not really the type of guy women go crazy for.

So picking up a woman in a bar is not really an option.

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Usually, those are the ones who have no photos and only two or three lines of text in their profile.

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