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Albrecht came out of nowhere — well, technically, he came off the bench — to score 17 first-half points and keep Michigan in the ballgame before they eventually fell to Louisville. Slowly creeping up on him on the “most talented no-talent-having relevant figure” list: Future Kate Combs. Whether it was as a record label owner, sidekick, rapper, boyfriend, defendant, name changer, reality TV star, mocked reality TV star, actor, restaurateur, party thrower, fashionista, marathon runner, vodka drinker, or skin-care treatment spokesman, he’s found a way to be the most talented no-talent-having relevant figure, perhaps ever. Diddy’s been relevant as long as Kate’s been an Upton.After a quick scan of the human race, there’s really no one else left for Diddy to date other than Kate.As for Upton, she needs someone who is comfortable with men ogling over her entire existence. The singer cooled off from all the PR and legal problems he’s been having with a party in Ibiza on Friday night.And according to an ever trustworthy “unnamed source” for The Sun, he was joined by – get this – the latest PR project of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner.

The three-time heavyweight champion, who was widely regarded as the greatest of all time, died on Friday evening (June 3rd) a day after being hospitalised for respiratory problems.Bieber officially turns 22 today (March 1st) but it looks like he may be still recovering from his weekend birthday bash.Continue reading: Justin Bieber Turns 22 And Parties In Style [Pictures]Sean “Diddy” Combs - Sean Diddy Combs also known as Puff Daddy was the host of the world premiere of the new Cîroc commercial in Times Square, Brooklyn, New York, United States - Thursday 20th November 2014DJ Spincer Tracy - Sean Diddy Combs also known as Puff Daddy was the host of the world premiere of the new Cîroc commercial in Times Square, Brooklyn, New York, United States - Wednesday 19th November 2014Despite recent events, it looks like Justin Bieber still has his fans, especially among the celebrity crowd. I think that’s just fantas— How are they supposed to date and then fall in love with each other and then make out in clubs if they’ve never met? I genuinely can’t think of two humans more compatible. Seventeen straight hours of this: After staring for a few hours, I can’t even tell which one is Kate and which one is Diddy. Also, if you’ve been tracking Diddy’s career for the past two decades, you know there’s one thing that has never faltered: his ability to stay relevant. Today, according to eyewitnesses, the Internet, and the lips of Combs and Upton allegedly becoming publicly acquainted with one another, two of the most GIFable humans in history are now, apparently, an item.

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Diddy landed the top spot on the list of the top 100 of the World's Highest-Paid Celebrities according to Forbes' latest calculations.

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