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The only personal identifying information we collect from our users is their email addresses.We don’t give or sell these addresses to advertisers or anyone else.My credit card was recently compromised, which luckily my credit card company caught in time.They called and asked if I had made some strange transactions.From there, you can sign up for Count About, log into an account you’ve signed up for, or learn more about Count About. You can download statement information into your Personal Management Software.The following are download procedures available for some of the more popular software programs in use today: Quicken® Web Connect* Quick Books®* Quicken® and Quicken for Mac† Microsoft Excel®‡ View the questions below for more information on using these software programs. You will enjoy an easier, and more accurate download, without having to import and find your file, worry about duplicates, or even manually launch Quicken!

Follow these procedures for downloading: The download must be saved into a file on your hard drive (usually the C:\ drive for PC users or the desktop for Macintosh users).In order to keep the same account, but change the credit card number associated with it, you have to deactivate and reactivate One Step Update for that account.This is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes.We don’t collect or store users’ names, phone numbers, physical addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, driver’s license numbers, mothers’ maiden names, names of first pets, favorite foods, or any other personal information about our users.We do not store users’ financial institution usernames, passwords, or other login credentials.

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