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However, the significance of this victory cannot be overestimated, since the rules of the march dictated that the world champion play the fatal Rice Gambit only with whites…

the Russian chess-player triumphed in competitions in Budapest in 1896, Vienna in 1903 and several all-Russian tournaments consecutively.

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As before, the competitors played to 10 victories and, with the score at 9:9, to another three, discounting draws.

Mikhail Chigorin made a huge contribution to the popularisation of chess in our country; he wrote articles, published a magazine, have séances for simultaneous and blind chess and constantly travelled the Russian Empire with lectures and performances.

He is known as a master of brilliant combinatory play, and is rightly considered as one of the forefathers of our national chess school.

Chigorin criticised the ideas of his vis-à-vis in relation to the positioning of the knights on the edge of the board (9.

Kh3 and 7…Kh6), claiming that these variants are variants are incorrect.

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