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A tree-ring chronology therefore represents departures of growth for any one year compared to average growth.

For example, an index of 0.75 (or 75) for a given year indicates growth below normal (indicated by 1.00, or 100).

Example: analyzing changes in tree growth patterns via tree rings to date a series of landslide events.

The science that uses tree rings to date and study past and present changes in glaciers.

Example: analyzing the effects of air pollution on tree growth by studying changes in ring widths over time.

The science that uses tree rings to date earth surface processes that created, altered, or shaped the landscape.

The process that removes undesirable long-term variations from a time series of measured tree-ring properties by dividing the actual measurements by those predicted from a statistically derived equation that relates tree growth over time to tree age.

Usually this process tries to remove the growth trends due to normal physiological aging processes and changes in the surrounding forest community.

For example, one can date the construction of a building, such as a barn, pueblo, or log cabin, by matching the tree-ring patterns of wood taken from the buildings with tree-ring patterns from living trees. No amount of pressure will make a tree-ring pattern match if it does not." If you cannot confidently assign exact years (calendar or relative) to your tree-ring samples, then you cannot report any "possible" dates for that sample!

Example: dating when trees were inundated by water to determine the sequence of lake level changes over time.

The science that uses tree rings to date and study past and present changes in wildfires.

An auger-like instrument with a hollow shaft that is screwed into the trunk of a tree, and from which an increment core (or tree core) is extracted using an extractor (a long spoon inserted into the shaft that pulls out the tree core).

These instruments are quite expensive, normally ranging from 0 to 0.

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= word = the science of): The science that uses tree rings dated to their exact year of formation to analyze temporal and spatial patterns of processes in the physical and cultural sciences.

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