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In late 1992, US and UN forces intervened in Somalia to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis. At the present time the country remains overwhelmed in inter-clan disputes.In 1991 people began leaving the country to escape the hunger, rape, and death that had become widespread.The universal language in Somalia is Somali, an afroasiatic language that is closely related to Oromiffa and more distantly related to Swahili and the semitic languages of Arabic, Hebrew, and Amharic.Although written for many years, a uniform orthography was not adopted until 1973.

Until the 1970's, education was conducted in the language of colonial rule, thus older Somalis from northern Somalia are conversant in English and those from southern Somalia are conversant in Italian.Although the government of Djibouti chose not to reunite with Somalia, ties between the countries remain close, as the citizens share a common culture and language.Travel is permitted freely across the border without a visa.Resettlement programs have enabled families to move to Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Finland, England) and the United States.Somalis in the US live predominantly in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and more recently San Diego and Seattle.

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The land is currently controlled by Ethiopia, though many Somalis believe the region should be reunited with Somalia.

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