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Frances Mc Dormand won the Golden Globe for best actress for the movie Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri - a heartfelt and thoroughly engrossing performance as a mother seeking revenge for her daughter's brutual murder.Mc Dormand not only refused to wear makeup, but made a witty speech which got censored by the broadcasters who misunderstood the phrase 'tectonic shift' (in their industry) and clearly thought the 60 year old star was advocating that women use weapons to achieve their goals.It all sounds eerily reminiscent of the Weinstein allegations - and a movie directed by Abel Ferrara based in the incident was savaged in the final edit and never released in France.Where were Reese Witherspoon and her fellow suffragettes during the Strauss-Kahn saga?On this particular evening, the women present were determined it was the start of a new era, one in which women are treated with respect.Nicole Kidman won a gong for her portrayal of an abused wife in the TV series Big Little Lies, and told us it was a subject close to her heart.

Plus, they probably visit nail bars and spas where the staff won't be earning much more.

Some of these gorgeous protestors weren't entirely on message - Catherine Zeta Jones and Kate Hudson wore gowns slashed to the waist, leaving little to the imagination. Is putting your assets blatantly on display a statement of power or submission to the traditional stereotype of glamour?

Others, like Elizabeth Moss and Angelina Jolie, were more subtle and dressed modestly, revealing not an inch of flesh.

What happened is open to dispute - the housekeeper (a single mother) said he ran at her naked and physically forced her to perform oral sex. The New York Post accused the woman of being a prostitute - her reputation was trashed.

In the end, charges against Strauss-Kahn were dropped by the police and the chambermaid received an out of court settlement said to be in the region of million.

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