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"Have a power bar, too, if you'd like." I tore open the neon foil wrapper. The sound of the rain had aggravated my need to pee, and--I was instantly wide awake with mortification--my god! My first thought was that I would never be able to live this down. I drifted with the image, but soon found myself banging on the stone cold metal with a wrench, cussing out the super, the landlord, and every employee of the city's Housing Authority. Definitely not this coming morning, perhaps not the following morning, but ahh, the morning after that. There came an explosion of coughing behind me, and I whirled around to see a very sleepy looking Leah clambering out of her tent. " Leah tried to give a sigh of exasperation, but she exaggerated it too deeply; she erupted with another fit of coughing. She kicked a log around one side of the fire, then stomped down some of the burning stuff. They're too wet." "Leah," I held my jaw steady, "I am wearing the driest clothes I have." She cocked her head slightly, and I could nearly see in through her eyes how her brain was clicking away. I mean, in the underwear department I had a pair of spares in my pack, but she was equipped to change on the hour and half- hour. No wonder our food supply was relegated to a sack of fabricated gravel.

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Best things to do in Louisville, KY with kids include the Kentucky Science Center, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, the Frazier History Museum and the Louisville Zoo.

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Hang around the forums and chat rooms, get flirtatious or filthy with stunning women and ask one - or a dozen of them out.

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Tento váš status je silno neprofesionálny a robí meno hlavne Vám.

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Similarity, in terms of personality, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be mirror images of each other (in fact that might get a little boring).

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Although online dating sites provide users with a huge pool of people to choose from, it can be very frustrating due to the fact that it's oftentimes extremely hard to get through to someone you like.