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Solution/work around:create view v2 as select * from t2 where ...;create view v1 as select * from t1 JOIN v2 USING (id) where ...(example above is an overly simplified version of what I did for demonstration puposes).

Simulating Materialized View Materialized views are not updated every time they are accessed; they behave as static tables hence are much faster than normal view.

Obviously simply locking the table won't work, because a DROP TABLE will also drop the lock.

Since RENAME TABLE locks all the tables involved and is typically a very quick operation, making a working table then using RENAME TABLE to swap the tables will work and remain functional throughout.

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Within a database, base tables and views share the same namespace, so a base table and a view cannot have the same name.

Columns retrieved by the statement can be simple references to table columns, or expressions that use functions, constant values, operators, and so forth.

To create the view explicitly in a given database, use statement are also interpreted with respect to the default database.

A view can refer to tables or views in other databases by qualifying the table or view name with the appropriate database name.

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The tipical command for creating a normal view is: CREATE VIEW my_view AS SELECT In order to create the equivalent to a materialized view you create a table with the same name instead of a view.

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