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During the last few weeks of her pregnancy, Teresa discussed the highs and lows of preparing for a new round of motherhood on her blog.

"I think Bodhi has sensed these changes this week and I have too, with an open heart and a hopeful and excited mind, but with all change comes some uncertainty, adjustment and of course patience which I'm really leaning in to this week," the 30-year-old wrote.

e H: Do you think that there are any ‘wrong’ decisions, or does everything unfold as it should?

TP: I am a real believer in the notion that everything happens for a reason and our experiences are opportunities to reflect, observe, and grow. Do we have one, more than one, several through our lives? I think it’s very rare to come across these people in life.

She appeared in an Australian movie titled Restraint where she has stripped down to nude.

e H: What advice would you give to those still looking for a great relationship or love in their lives?

She was raised in Adelaide by her parents Kevin Palmer and Paula Sanders. She was an acting enthusiast from the very beginning.

At her elementary school, she used to audition and act in plays. After graduation, she just called in for the movie titled , which was her first big acting on-screen ever. Her style is funky and young which appeals to a younger generation.

I am not sure anyone can author romantic tales quite as dreamily as Nicholas Sparks, whose latest book-turned-big screen romance ‘The Choice‘ arrives in theaters February 5.

This particular story takes love, fate, and life’s toughest decisions to a new level, as a young couple (played by Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker) meet, fall in love (despite their biggest efforts not to! We chatted with the gorgeous leading lady about all things love and, of course, the choices we make.

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After that she has been seen in many Hollywood movies like Grudge 2, Take Me Home Tonight, Bed Time Stories, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I Am Number Four, Warm Bodies and Love and Honor. For the movie, I Am Number Four she went through martial arts, motorbike, and other stunts training because she wanted to look the best with her character.

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